Sunday, July 24, 2011


..lucky enough to be shortlisted for Fire's inaugural graduate competition.. Congratulations to Darek Fortas for claiming the top spot, and massive thanks to all the good people at Fire, not to mention the four judges - John Duncan, editor of Source, Trish Lambe of the Gallery of Photography, Peter Reddy of Redman AKA and Leszek Wolnik of Fire.

Plus special thanks to Imelda Barnard for her beautifully insightful accompanying text...

'Alongside his work Nothing Lasts Forever, Dorje De Burgh quotes a Bob Dylan lyric: 'From the fools gold mouthpiece/ The hollow horn plays wasted words'. The sense that treasure is worthless, that words are empty, and that time slips endlessly away, imbues De Burgh's photographs with a longing that remains unfulfilled. In trying to contain a moment that might linger on, these photographs - which often focus on the unnoticed - always seem to run away, creating a sense of movement despite their softly focused, steady gaze. Inspired by J. G. Ballard and his assertion that everyday reality is a 'kaleidoscope of competing fictions', De Burgh's imagery upsets any stable sense of the world. His enquiry into a very personal everyday leaves an unsettling trace, seeming to suggest that we live in the stories we create for ourselves.'

The work of the five finalists will be on show until the end of the month in Fire's Copper House gallery and studio just off Synge Street.

Friday, July 22, 2011

very cool

...honoured by my inclusion by Source magazine's editor John Duncan in his selection from the online graduate showcase...not to mention the perceptive words.

'Dorje de Burgh's images shift between domestic interiors and fragments of an unidentified city. As I peer into these images I notice more of the details: an American flag, a statue of the Virgin Mary, the faint glow of an ipod in the corner of a room, an embrace between two people. Out of these shadows, reflections and unexplained characters it is hard to discern the imagined from the real and the photographer succeeds in unsettling the viewer with a creeping sense of uncertainty.'

Check out the next issue..


..had the pleasure of showing in the beautiful space that is Block T with a few close friends for this year's excellent/exhausting photoireland (too much wine).